Governor and Former DA Sec. Art Yap receives from DA Sec. Dr. William Dar a Certificate for financial support for more than 52,000 Bol-anon Rice Farmers which will be released in the next two months to allow farmers under the RCEF Program, the flexibility to procure very needed inputs in their farming activities as they enter the main planting season.

The Provincial Government has set aside at least 500 million pesos as a counter parting funding program with the DA for its 18 keys strategies in 2022 and to further strengthen the Provincial Led Agri Fishery Extension System (PAFES) in Bohol.

Together with Sec. Dar, the high level DA team that met Governor Art Yap were Usec Ariel Cayanan, Asec Arnel De Mesa, Dr. Leo Sebastian, and Planter’s Products President Matt Maderazo. The team discussed commercially farming root crops, corn, cacao, coffee, high value fruits and rice.

Gov. Yap who is focused on increasing the value of Bohol’s agriculture has also proposed the creation of a Food Development Center for Bohol which will house the processing and packing of certain key commodities to help farmers increase their income. Sec. Dar will be visiting Bohol next month to monitor the DA-Bohol PAFES program.