The Province of Bohol simplified and unified its guidelines for sea and air travels for returning Boholanos and persons who are authorized to come/travel to the province via Executive Order No. 54 which allowed the resumption of all domestic commercial flights to transport returning locally stranded individuals (LSI), returning Overseas Filipino Workers (ROF) and Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) with complete travel documents.

Bohol governor Arthur Yap in his EO said that LSIs heading for Bohol upon check in at the airport of origin shall present with the confirmed plane tickets, a travel authority from the Philippine National Police Joint Task Force COVID Shield, and a Letter of Confirmation from the local government unit of residence in Bohol, apart from other specific requirements.

For APORs, especially when they are health and emergency frontline service personnel, they shall present their Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) license, official identification card, hospital Identification Card or any proof of their occupation and the travel authority from the PNP JTF COVID Shield and Letter of Conformation from receiving LGU.

If the APOR is a government official or government frontline personnel, the they need to also present other than their confirmed tickets, PNP Shield Travel Authority, LGU Certificate of Confirmation and an official identification card of their office.

If the APOR is travelling for medical reasons, other than the confirmed plane ticket, the passenger must also present a Certificate from the Local Chief Executive (LCE) of the LGU having jurisdiction over the passenger’s residence and a Medical Certificate.

If the APOR is travelling for humanitarian reasons, aside from his confirmed ticket and other requirements, he must also present a Certificate from the LCE of the LGU having jurisdiction over the passenger’s residence.

And if the APOR is travelling to Bohol for pertinent work, other than confirmed plane tickets, PNP COVID Shield Travel Authority and LGU Certificate of Confirmation, he must also present a company ID card and a certificate of employment (COE) from the employer stating that they are connected with the company.

If the APOR is an owner of business establishments allowed to operate in Bohol or going back home: he must present plane ticket, PNP JTF COVID Shield Travel Authority, LGU letter of Confirmation and LCE Certificate of the LGU having jurisdiction of his residence.

If the APOR is traveling to Bohol for connecting flights abroad, he must also present confirmed plane tickets and proof of residence or work abroad.

And finally, if the APOR belongs to other professionals in permitted professions, other than the basic travel requirements and LGU Certificate of Confirmation, they must present a proof of their profession and another document reflecting their proof of travel to Bohol.

For returning OFWs flying in to Bohol, upon check-in, they shall present with their confirmed plane tickets and Certificate of Confirmation from the receiving LGU, they must also present an appropriate identification as OFW or Certificate from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration for OFWs and any proof of residence of the ROF.

According to the EO-54 that those with incomplete documents are not be allowed to board the aircraft. Check in protocols also include non-contact temperature check, while those with visible symptoms of COVID would be checked and those would be denied boarding the Bohol-bound aircraft.

Passengers bound for Bohol are required to fill out the Passenger Personal Health Declaration Form, which would be collected inflight by the aircraft personnel and turned over to the Department of Health (DOH) and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) in Bohol.

Anyone who fails to submit the filled-up form would not be allowed to deplane until he has submitted the personal health declaration form.

If, in flight the passenger becomes symptomatic of COVID-19, he shall be isolated at the tail end of the aircraft during flight, deplane last accompanied by ground personnel to the designated holding area to be turned over to the BOQ.

Upon arrival, no passengers would be allowed to leave the airport premises without being received by the extracting team from the receiving LGU or by the accredited accommodation facilities. (MNINERVA BCNEWMAN)