NO ONE LEFT ALONE. Gov. Art Yap emphasizes that no one is left alone in this difficult time.

The governor makes sure that the constituents in the islands who might feel alone, being separated physically from the mainland (considering that the town of President Carlos P. Garcia is itself an island), will feel that the government did not forget them and that they have a governor who always care for them. 

Gov. Art Yap sent the message that if the governor exerts effort in reaching the islets and far-flung areas, it means everybody is important.

In addition to the food packs delivered to the islands, the provincial government will also be sending rice assistance by July under the provincial government’s social amelioration program.

The governor reminded everyone that only the people can save Bohol from the pandemic, through discipline and by strictly following the protocol. He told the island residents that if they have relatives or friends who are stranded in other provinces, they should remind them that aside from getting Covid Shield pass and certification that they had been quarantined for at least 14 days in the place where they are right now and have no symptoms of Covid-19, they also need to coordinate with the focal person of the local government unit of the town they are returning to.

Gov. Art Yap yesterday visited the island barangays of Timolbo, Gaus, Butan, and Lapinig in the town of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia. With him were Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Mayor Fernando Estavilla, Vice-Mayor Nestor Abad, Provincial Board Member Frans Garcia, and OPSWD Head Carmelita Tecson.

The governor sent the OPSWD team to the four barangays in advance on Thursday last week to deliver the food packs as part of the ongoing outreach program of the provincial government intended for far-flung island barangays.

Each of the households in these four barangays received a food pack of 5 kilos rice and canned goods- -all the 72 households in Timolbo, 275 in Gaus, 138 in Butan, and 243 in Lapinig. 

The people of Timolbo, led by Barangay Captain Refernandico Otero Jr.; the people of Gaus, led by Barangay Captain Gonzalo Baculpo; the people of Butan, led by Barangay Captain Chritopher Torrejas; and the people of Lapinig, led by Barangay Captain Teodoro Palado Jr. met the governor at the coastlines (with the governor staying in the boat while addressing them) to observe social distancing.

BM Frans Garcia also delivered 50 bottles of milk for 50 children in barangay Timolbo who are beneficiaries of the milk-feeding program of the provincial government.

She also told the constituents in the four island barangays that the governor already announced that the provincial government will be buying all the excess fish catch of the fishermen, so that they no longer have to risk going to Cebu to sell their fish.

Mayor Estavilla, for his part, told the people of Timolbo that their island is a potential tourist destination for having sustained its cleanliness and protection of the marine ecology.

The mayor also reminded all the residents of the four island barangays to always keep in mind their 4Ps strategy in this fight against Covid- -Pagpakabana (in knowing the basic information about the virus), Paglikay (observe all the preventive measures such as social distancing, wearing of face maks, and avoiding mass gatherings, among others), Pagpanglimpyo (observe personal hygiene and sanitation), and Pag-ampo (praying for God’s protection on the people)