Gov. Art Yap commended the Provincial Emergency Management Administration (PEMA), under the leadership of former provincial administrator Ae Damalerio, for shepherding Bohol during the critical first two months of the Covid era.

The governor appreciated the many accomplishments of Damalerio’s leadership in the PEMA.

This, as PEMA transitioned to Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

First of all, Damalerio led the process of establishing the PEMA which oversees the entire crisis management in prevention of NCov-19.

The governor also appreciated that Damalerio had effectively led PEMA in carrying out various executive orders to intensify the safety of the people.

The Security and Public Safety Cluster of PEMA has continued to institute and strengthen security measures to maintain public peace and safety and has been in strict implementation of all executive orders.

PEMA had put together the Offshore Boholanos Coordinating Team (OBCT) which is tasked to specially respond to the stranded Bol-anons all over the country.

Although confronted with initial challenges, the PEMA remains on top of the situation in successfully bring home and facilitate the return of our OFWs who have undergone mandatory quarantine, and more are still coming.

PEMA tapped the PDRRMO as its external secretariat and serves as the fulcrum for all local government unit coordination and the process of travel clearances and continues to be PEMA’s external secretariat.

The PEMA has also formulated emergency response trainings and orientations for all municipal health officers (MHOs) and disaster risk reduction and management officers (DRRMOs) in preparation for contact tracing and calibrated lockdown procedure.

The TWG cluster of PEMA, under the leadership of Dr. Yul Lopez and private medical consultants, have laid down their emergency response plan, including the preparation of Gallares Hospital as Bohol’s Covid-19 medical facility.

PEMA’s Emergency Communications Cluster has continued to be available 24 hours in response to emergencies and updates to PEMA Internal Secretariat with Reyna Deloso and Flor Labor.