Yap who has been firm and clear with our objectives from the start, enlightened everyone that we are serious in preventing Covid-19 from coming into Bohol. He also said that measures are being done to prevent its spread. He added that the Provincial Government, together with our doctors, is building up the capacity of our healthcare system to address those that may be infected by the virus. These objectives have been guiding our government’s rules, policies and regulations.

“I maybe the governor but I do not make decisions alone. I am consulting our doctors as well as our local officials,” Yap pointed out.

Even so, Yap assured that we are doing our best for our fellow boholanos who are stranded. To date, P2 million have been sent to more than 1,500 of those who have reached out through the Offshore Boholanos Coordinating Team (OBCT). He assured everyone that the plan is being crafted carefully to eventually bring them home at the right time. He emphasized that medical protocols will be followed.