Governor Art Yap joined Amihan Abueva and the rest of the Abueva Family in reliving the Life and times of National Artist Napoleon “Billy” Abueva in celebration of the National Arts Month.

Yap feels proud to be one of the Filipinos to be up close and personal thru Abueva’s works as he started collecting some of his pieces.

Yap also expressed gratitude to Amihan, the daughter of Napoleon, for coming home and sharing intimate stories about their father. He also shares hope that the passions of Abueva will continue to live in the activities in Bohol.

Gov. Yap requested Miss Abueva if they could continue the exhibit at the National Museum.

“Culture is important. We cannot forget culture”, Yap said as culture is part of the major pillars in his administration.

Audrey Dawn Tomasa (National Museum-Head), BM Lucile Lagunay, Emmie Roslinda, Alexis Cadeliña, Bohol Vloggers, Members of the BACH Council, IHMS Seminarians and teachers and students of the different schools in Tagbilaran City also joined the event.