Gov. Arthur Yap of Bohol, is interviewed about his comments on how important the conference is to help localities in the Philippines, work on the cultural aspects to complement the natural aspects of tourism in the Philippines. Building up the creative industries of Bohol in music, songs, dance, performances, arts and handicrafts, poetry and literature, architecture, design and innovation, will ensure that the entire tourism program will be inclusive and ensure the resiliency of the local tourism industry. The conference clearly showed through case studies of global models that there is a direct positive correlation between the level of creative development in a people with increasing per capita income of people in a community. In that situation, the quality of life dramatically improves and income rises, while crime and poverty commensurately decrease. Bohol now has the natural and physical aspects of tourism, it will now need to capacity build the creative talents of our people to sustain and expand tourism in the coming days.