“Pag-amuma sa mga hinay ug huyang nga mga Bol-anon, pag-konserba ug protekta sa atong kinaiyahan, pagpukaw sa Bol-anong Kultura ug pagpadako sa ekonomiya sa turismo”, Governor Art Yap summarized as he shared to everyone the report for his first 100 days as Governor.

Speaking from the heart, Gov. Yap enjoined everyone to help him, take his hand in partnership and to move on and away from fault finding and excessive politicking.

“While we are alive in this world, our only goal is the welfare of our people, our only prayer is the safety of our loved ones, our only hope is the prosperity of our country while we live in peace in the world”, Gov. Yap added.

Gov. Yap ended his report with a quote from President Rodrigo Duterte, “I implore those who occupy positions of power and authority, to let your deeds and accomplishments do the talking. Lead by example. Words ring hollow when not followed by positive and prioritized action”.

As his famous line says, “Buhat ang Pasultion, dili sulti ang pabuhaton.”