Gov. Art Yap tells heads of offices of the Provincial Government “Find your place in tourism,” as he explained how all the other sectors like health can be anchored on the fast growing tourism industry.

He said for tourism to grow, Bohol must have a smart and healthy workforce and at the same time become a destination that has facilities that ensure safety of its visitors.

Health and nutrition is also linked to agriculture in that a smart and healthy people begins as a mother grows a child in her, he added.

As governor, he assures Bohol’s position in the national tourism arena. To succeed, he enjoined the support of the Provincial Government offices through a budget that is responsive to the needs of Boholanos and is aligned with his administration’s development thrust vis-a-vis regional development agenda and national strategic framework.

Gov. Yap’s direction for Bohol is simple and clear: to pursue tourism growth and development towards goals of economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction, and equitable distribution of opportunities.

He was at the 2nd day of the Budget Forum that lays down guidelines on the 2020 budget, Bohol’s development framework, and Provincial Government revenues, including strategies and estimated revenues for 2020 for the health cluster, national government agencies, and civil society organizations.

The executive and legislative offices attended the Budget Forum yesterday.